Doctor Who Sketchbook Project - The Concept

Good evening Whovians!

I have to say this concept was not an original one. I found this amazing blog ( who was doing this very same project but for Sherlock. <3 Though I swoon at Mr. Holmes, I was surprised to see that no one took up the mantle to do a Doctor Who version. So I hope that the Serlock Project doesn’t get offended by my blatent duplication of their concept but I hope this credit will make up for any discord I may have caused.

So, how does this work exactly? Well there are 5 teams based on regions. Artists can apply to be members of that team and upon approval from the admin, the artists will be placed on the wait list for their team. The teams are Team Tardis (South Eastern US), Team K-9 (North Eastern US), Team Dalek (Western US), Team Cybermen (Mid-Western US), and Team Time Lord (UK, Canada, and Outside Continental US). It is the artists responsibility to pass the sketchbook to the next artist. So please ensure that you have funds available to pass the book. Once the sketchbook is filled they will be returned to the admin where they will all be auctioned off to benefit a charity that has not been chosen yet. 

Artists who wish to participate in this venture can email the admin at with their name, Team they are applying for, a link to their Tumblr, website, or other page, and a sample of their work. Thank you for your interest.

Lets make this concept a reality!

~JA (Doctor Who Sketchbook Project Admin)

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